Ashu Gupta

     EDUCATION Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical

     AFFLIATIONS​ : IGBC AP * Pearl Qualified Professional, Abu Dhabi BEE Certified ECBC Master Trainer

     * Life Member, ISLE, IAEMP * Founding Member, Indoor Air Quality Association, India

      * Secretary Fire & Security Association(FSAI) Rajasthan India * National Chair, Youth @ISHRAE



Mr. Gupta is an Energy Efficiency professional providing Green Building Services, Energy Modeling, Commissioning and Energy Audits services.
 His experience includes performing new Commercial/residential building commissioning and retro-commissioning services, managing onsite energy system audits, leading energy efficiency analysis and modeling teams and performing building commissioning tests.
 Mr. Gupta has professional experience with performing energy audits for energy efficiency and cost payback analysis. He has conducted ASHRAE Level I and Level II energy audits for energy conservation opportunities in HVAC, lighting, building envelope and controls. He has experience in performing energy analysis for whole building using eQUEST. He has managed LEED projects for new construction and existing buildings. He has contributed towards early design decision using tools such as Ecotect and Dialux.
 International Exposure Mr. Gupta has also done onsite work on a project in San Francisco, California, USA. He was done several energy modeling jobs for projects around the world.
 ASHRAE Level I and Level II Audits- Completed Energy Audits for Residential, Government buildings, commercial and university projects by evaluating ECMs in building controls and automation, building envelope, lighting, and HVAC systems to determine return on investment, energy, and greenhouse gas reduction. He has also completed ASHRAE level 2 audits for LEED Existing Building. He has also worked on different benchmarking softwares like Energy Star Portfolio Manager, Cal Arch, EUI etc.
 Commissioning- Worked on pre-functional test forms for retro-commissioning. He has performed retro-commissioning on over 20,00,000 sq. ft. of commercial space and is familiar with both text based and graphic energy management and control systems. He has also performed new building commissioning services on over 10,00,000 sq. ft. including several commercial and hotel type buildings.
1) Assignment Details: Building System Gap Analysis and Retro-commissioning
Location: Mumbai, India Year: 2016 Clients: FIFC
Position: Team Lead
Main Project Features: Complete Gap analysis of all Building Services including HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Firefighting, Fire Alarms, BMS, Access Control, CCTV etc. and restoring the system to its design conditions by performing retro-commissioning.
2) Assignment Details: Energy Audit
Location: Gurgaon, India Year: 2017 Clients: ITC Green Centre, Gurgaon
Position: Team Lead
Main Project Features: 12-year-old ITC Hotel Division Head Quarters. Helped in reducing the Energy consumption of the building drastically by replacing the cooling towers, some AHUs & FCUs and providing energy conservation measures in UPS & Lighting.
3) Assignment Details: Energy Audit
Location: Hyderabad, India Year: 2016 Clients: Cyber Towers,
Position: Team Lead
Main Project Features: Cyber Towers is the first phase of HITEC City. This was the first tower built for promotion of Information Technology (IT). Cyber Towers was able to achieve a score of 94 out of 100 and hence qualified under Energy Star Portfolio and meets the mandatory requirements of Green Certification.
LEED Projects for USGBC and IGBC- Project Manager for LEED projects for existing and new building for office, retail, factories and hotels. He has experience working on LEED documentation for all sections of LEEDs. He has completed approx. 10 certified LEED Projects. Five projects certified as LEED EB Platinum by USGBC.
Energy Modeling for USGBC, IGBC & ESTIDAMA and BREEAM- Project Analyst for Energy Modeling projects for EAp2 and EAc1. Mr. Gupta has performed energy modeling on over 5,000,000 sq.ft. of commercial space and managed projects for performing energy modeling on over 20,000,000 sq. ft. of the same.
Daylight and Thermal Modeling for USGBC, IGBC & ESTIDAMA- Mr. Gupta has performed several Daylight and Thermal modeling to meet the Green Building codes requirement
New Construction Programs- Provided Energy Analysis for New Construction Program for LEED, ESTIDAMA and GRIHA. It includes whole building energy modeling, custom analysis and pre-qualified measures analysis using tools such as eQUEST, custom measure spreadsheets for multi-family housing, office building and manufacturing facility.
LEED Reviews for IGBC and USGBC- Mr. Gupta has an experience to review all sections of LEED submittals provided by Indian Green Building Council. He has also involved in Energy modeling review provided by USGBC.
IRS 179D Energy Tax Deduction Program-. Provided whole building energy modeling based on ASHRAE 90.1-2001 for IRS 179D Energy Tax Deduction projects.
Industrial and Process Efficiency Program- Provided Energy Efficiency opportunities for industrial and manufacturing projects for new construction and existing building.
Demand Response- Project Manager for Data Quality team who perform the data quality review for Demand Response projects in USA and Australia.

Demand Response- Project Manager for Data Quality team who perform the data quality review for Demand Response projects in USA and Australia.

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